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Just got back from an outstanding concert! Inlogic is the band a friend of mine plays in, formed here, in Madrid. They sing in English (yay!), and produce quite an easy-to-listen rock. From happy songs to some other deeper ones, absolutely everyone is excellent and authentic.That’s one of the things I appreciate more of them, […]

Real Madrid VS F.C. Barcelona: one of the most important sport events in the world, and I just came back from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.They’re both the two most important teams in Spain, and two of the most important in Europe. The traditional rivalry between the two of them adds the spice to this classical […]

Tegan and Sara are pretty well-known in the U.S. and Canada (Canada, oh Canada, I love Canada!), and nearly all English-spoken countries, but not so recognized outside those places.They are two Canadian twins who have been seriously rocking the world for about 6 years now.They offer more than just concerts, interacting with the croud, giving […]

¡Hola! No pensaba escribir tan pronto, pero me acabo de enterar por mi madre de que Álvaro Pombo ha ganado el 55º Premio Planeta de novela.Me alegro muchísimo por este escritor, para muchos un revolucionario de la literatura española del último cuarto de siglo, del que de momento sólo he podido disfrutar de una de […]

Hi all! This is the start of my blog (and if you arrived here, you must more or less know me). It will have no other things than just a mess of thoughts, curiosities, or things that happen in my life that I find it worthy to share (or maybe not). As this is intended […]