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The new of the week in the NBA: Allen Iverson finally goes to Denver Nuggets. After spending 11 years with the Philadelphia 76ers, Allen Iverson “The Answer”, finally decided to move forward into his career and go to a more competitive team with higher aspirations than the 76ers. He is a legend in Philadelphia, I […]

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading this awesome book. I read it in English which I think it was quite a good decission due to what I’ve heard from people who read it in Spanish. This was a pretty controversial book when it was first edited around the 50s. I didn’t find it […]

ESPERANZA Esperanza,araña negra del atardecer.Tu parasno lejos de mi cuerpoabandonado, andasen torno a mí,tejiendo, rápida,inconsistentes hilos invisibles,te acercas, obstinada,y me acaricias casi con tu sombrapesaday leve a un tiempo. Agazapadabajo las piedras y las horas,esperaste, paciente, la llegadade esta tardeen la que nadaes ya posible…Mi corazón:tu nido.Muerde en él, esperanza. – Ángel González –