Allen Iverson: The answer is in Denver

The new of the week in the NBA: Allen Iverson finally goes to Denver Nuggets. After spending 11 years with the Philadelphia 76ers, Allen Iverson “The Answer”, finally decided to move forward into his career and go to a more competitive team with higher aspirations than the 76ers. He is a legend in Philadelphia, I hope he can continue it in Denver. He will meet there with Carmelo Anthony and Marcus Camby, we’ll see how they work together… but it’s promising.

I personally love Iverson… is that kind of players that does it nearly all, and does it well, the kind who can stand up a whole crowd, one that makes the ticket’s price worth it. I am willing to see him in action when Carmelo returns in later January after his suspenssion.

On the Spanish side… Yesterday I saw Memphis Grizzlies VS New Orleans Hornetts, which the later won in the extra time. Gasol is back, though not at 100%, but he did an awesome game with 28 points (or so) and 10 rebounds (or so, I can’t remember and am not willing to look for it). What seems obvious is that Memphis depends on him, and that he needs to move to other team if he wants his career to progress. Boston seems each day the best and most factible option… we’ll see.

Well… good luck Iverson, good luck Gasol. This is the NBA… I love this game!

Quote of the day: If I don’t believe it, then they don’t need me on the court. I’ve just got to believe that in my heart. – Allen Iverson


One Response to “Allen Iverson: The answer is in Denver”

  1. 1 Álvaro

    Trooonco! Acabo de ver tu respuesta a mi comentario (los mensajes tardan en llegar pero llegan). Hoy mismo he estaou restaurando contactos que los exámenes y otras ocupaciones… me han impedido. Todavía me queda uno el día 13 pero ya le he dicho a Nachete que el finde que viene tenemos quedada. Así que haz un hueco en tu agenda pequeño. Recibiras noticias mías ahora que se que tu tlfno es tu tlfno. Un saludo muchacho!!

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