Not too much "esperanza" left…


Long time withouth posting… I just saw something today that drove me so mad I had to tell.

Many people may have heard the song “Infinitza Tristeza” by Manu Chao. In it, there’s a remixed extract of a “Metro de Madrid” informative message. It exactly is this short 3 seconds message “Próxima estación… Esperanza”, as the record’s title. If you know just a little bit of Spanish you might have realized what phrase it is. It’s a phrase that comes out of the speakers when you’re approaching the metro station called “Esperanza” (which translation to English is “hope”). It’s just the same kind of phrase that all metros, undergrounds, subways (whatever is your choice) around the world have, sounding thousands of times a year throughout all this years. Just the same kind of phrase as “Next station… Grand Central Station” in NYC. That’s it.

Well… not too much deal, is it? All right here it’s the DEAL. As said on Barrapunto (the Spanish version of Slashdot), it turns out the people who recorded the phrase for “Metro de Madridsued Manu Chao for intelectual property infrigment. Not that amazing these days… many people wanna get rich doing as little as possible, and extreme intelectual property rights have enhanced that. The scary part is… the judge’s ruling have given reason to the claimants oblying Manu Chao to pay an unveiled economic quantity and write a public apology saying what he did was bad… almost like if he was a little child. Amazing… just amazing how intelectual property is being treated and how law and judges are getting it free of any context and rationality. Also as scary as that is seeing possitively voted comments on Barrapunto justifying the sentence. Is it me or people is leaving their thinking to what puts on a paper? Is this really the way we wanna go? Is this the law we want to live by? I guess the answer is… it’s all right for too many people, even if it’s really not.
I don’t have too much “esperanza” right now for this to change…

Be careful… exacerbated intelectual property is round there, keep an eye on it or you may be the next one…

Quote of the day: (this time in Spanish as I didn’t find the exact quotation in English) «En todas las cosas sólo una es imposible – ¡racionalidadFriedrich Nietzsche


2 Responses to “Not too much "esperanza" left…”

  1. 1 Nacho

    Sí que había oído eso de que le habían acusado de plagio por utilizar la locución del metro (que por cierto, no podría sonar más pusilánime), pero acabo de conocer la sentencia. En realidad, no me sorprende, es el pan de cada día, si bien sigue pareciéndome algo nauseabundo, sencillamente lamentable. Como sigamos por este camino… creo que cambiaré a un metro donde la estaciones no estén rebosantes de mierda y corrupción. Pero qué se puede esperar de un país cuyos informativos dedican más tiempo al fútbol que a la muerte de un ilustre escritor (y a cualquier otro asunto…)

    Cambiando de tercio, me alegro que hayas retomado la publicación, y el nuevo aspecto del blog me congratuuuuula. Jejeje no lo dejes!

    Un abrazo

  2. 2 Cobo

    Coñe! Iba a poner otra chorradilla (aunque creo que te gustará) y me acabo de enterar de que habías contestado.

    Sí… a ver si retomo un poco esto…
    Disfruta tu fría pero cálida beca =).

    ¡Un abrazo!

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