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The other day I saw this classic movie, Wall Street. The plot is not something from the other world but I kind of liked it. You can search for a review or synopsis on the thousands of Internet sites dedicated to this. The main characters are interpreted by Michael Douglas (the rich man) and Charlie […]

Today, just navigating around, I came into Tafiti, the new search thing from Microsoft. It is indeed, no other thing than a good front-end to Microsoft’s Live search engine. The cool thing comes with the GUI. It tries to make search more natural, meaning also, more eye-candy. It still has to improve lots of things, […]

So easy you won’t have to think. In fact, you won’t even have to realize their mistakes. The other day I decided to let iTunes organize all my music which I have on a hard drive shared through my home’s LAN. After almost a day doing its thing (I got a LOT of music) I […]