Witnessing: LeBron’s 2008-2009 MVP


Today was made official what some days back was announced, and what many people knew from a long time ago. LeBron James is 2008-2009 NBA’s Most Valuable Player.

LeBron James

I’ve never really been a huge fan of LeBron since he came to the league. I always saw him a little bit lacky on the technical aspects of the game. But the truth is he is shutting my mouth more and more every year. After every summer he comes back to the league better, improved, more determinant, more skillfully, more unselfish, more leader…

Over the time, my doubts are becoming admiration to him. More respect I have when I really see him thanking this trophy to his teammates over and over again, saying things like this when asked a tough question:

LeBron’s mission

Seeing he goes back to his high school when he  can, treatingthe people who saw him grow the same way, thankful to be admired… just speaks about the person. Seems to really be a good one, and an intelligent one. Through all the marketing he benefits from, to the fame he seeks, the veneration he causes, he tries to achieve a spot in history, but also seem to be chasing one in life, which may be far more important, and he seems to always keep that in mind.

Like I said… this is an unbelievable player, who really deserves this recognition. His season has been just… amazing. As I read the other day in some NBA.com article, with their season’s perfomances, Wade would have been and MVP any other year, Kobe would have repeated MVP any other year… but this one. This one belonged to LeBron. Fully and completely. Solidly on both ends of the court, improved from the year before, an unselfish leader who has learned when to finish a match by himself and when to lead the team involving more his partners for the team’s benefit. Tremendous deffensively, what to say about his offense… just, that he’s improved his jump shot. If he manages to to polish that… I don’t know where the limits are.

Being selfish… I really hope he goes to my beloved Knicks in 2010… but what I think every body hopes is him to add more honor to the number he’s wearing. It seems, he’s just began…

Other awards from this year: http://www.nba.com/awards/

Quote of the day:

“Ask me to play. I’ll play.
Ask me to shoot. I’ll shoot.
Ask me to pass. I’ll pass.
Ask me to steal, block out, sacrifice, lead, dominate.

But it’s not what you ask of me.
It’s what I ask of myself.”

– LeBron James


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