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Just looking for some U2 stuff I ran into this video of one of my favourites songs ever done. It’s a live version of “Sunday Bloody Sunday“. Apart from the great song itself, watching this video reminded me what music used to be: art.It seems like there’s not too much of that these days. The […]

Long time withouth posting… I just saw something today that drove me so mad I had to tell. Many people may have heard the song “Infinitza Tristeza” by Manu Chao. In it, there’s a remixed extract of a “Metro de Madrid” informative message. It exactly is this short 3 seconds message “Próxima estación… Esperanza”, as […]

Just got back from an outstanding concert! Inlogic is the band a friend of mine plays in, formed here, in Madrid. They sing in English (yay!), and produce quite an easy-to-listen rock. From happy songs to some other deeper ones, absolutely everyone is excellent and authentic.That’s one of the things I appreciate more of them, […]

Tegan and Sara are pretty well-known in the U.S. and Canada (Canada, oh Canada, I love Canada!), and nearly all English-spoken countries, but not so recognized outside those places.They are two Canadian twins who have been seriously rocking the world for about 6 years now.They offer more than just concerts, interacting with the croud, giving […]