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Today was made official what some days back was announced, and what many people knew from a long time ago. LeBron James is 2008-2009 NBA’s Most Valuable Player. I’ve never really been a huge fan of LeBron since he came to the league. I always saw him a little bit lacky on the technical aspects […]

The new of the week in the NBA: Allen Iverson finally goes to Denver Nuggets. After spending 11 years with the Philadelphia 76ers, Allen Iverson “The Answer”, finally decided to move forward into his career and go to a more competitive team with higher aspirations than the 76ers. He is a legend in Philadelphia, I […]

Real Madrid VS F.C. Barcelona: one of the most important sport events in the world, and I just came back from the Santiago Bernabeu stadium.They’re both the two most important teams in Spain, and two of the most important in Europe. The traditional rivalry between the two of them adds the spice to this classical […]