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Just when I was changing my mind on LeBron, he screwed it, twice. It really doesn’t matter how he tries to justify it… at the end, what he did was bad, and worse is to address it the he has done. As I said, just when I was changing my mind about him, he’s donde […]

Hello world! New era! For those of you who still read me… you’ll notice I have changed to a wordpress one. It’s just blogspot had some little things I didn’t like as much as wordpress’ ones, and trying to restart this blog… I thought I would do it from the ground up. Anyway… first I […]

Hi all! This is the start of my blog (and if you arrived here, you must more or less know me). It will have no other things than just a mess of thoughts, curiosities, or things that happen in my life that I find it worthy to share (or maybe not). As this is intended […]